Choose Which Stufz™ to Order!

Stufz™ America’s Stuffed Burger Press

picture of the stufz burger press productThe original Stufz™ burger maker. After grilling with the limitless possibilities by using Stufz™, burgers will never be the same.

  • Easy to use – Simply use the Stufz™ to create a cavity in the burger. Place any choice of ingredients inside and then seal the burger.
  • Easy to clean – Product disassembles to make cleaning the Stufz™ a breeze. Dishwasher safe.
  • More room for toppings – By placing some topping ingredients inside the burger, you have more room to place toppings on the burger. Gone are the days of toppings falling off the side or the dreaded “burger topple-over”.

Stufz™ Sliders – While Supplies Last!

stufz sliders product packageCreate mouth-watering sliders for the family or for hosting parties! You can crank out the sliders three at a time efficiently to make multiple creations.